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Coolest Hockey Themed Cake

This Homemade Hockey Themed Cake was done for my son’s team “End of Season” party. I baked 3 round cakes in different sized cake pans (12″, 10″ and 6″). The cake recipe is a chocolate recipe I make from scratch and I filled it with vanilla custard, also made from scratch.

The colors of the team were blue and white. I covered all 3 layers with white marshmallow fondant. The seams between layer were piped in blue buttercream and then I added the blue marshmallow fondant stripes.

With a mixture of gum paste and marshmallow fondant I cut all of the jerseys with an utility knife. I made my own template. Then when dried, I colored them and wrote each child’s name and number.

I rolled some white gum paste and made the banners. The pucks where made with black gum paste. The topper was also made with gum paste and fondant. It took me a whole week to dry. The hair was piped with black buttercream.

There were some girls in the team so I acknowledged them with some cute little rolled roses made of gum paste.

Needless it is to say that the cake was a HIT with both children and parents.

Homemade Hockey Themed Cake

Homemade Hockey Themed Cake

Homemade Hockey Themed Cake

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  1. I came across your cake when looking for an idea for my grandson’s first birthday. You did an awesome job. It looks great.


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