Coolest Homemade Pink Castle Cake

For years my granddaughter loved pink, and then she didn’t. It is utterly sad to see them grow up and leave behind all their childhood favorites. The bedtime stories, playing with Barbie, jumping on the bed. All those things have all become beautiful memories for this Gamma.

However, this cake was done in her ‘pink’ prime. A two tiered castle complete with all the princess towers requested. The towers were done with rice krispies (made without butter added) that were formed using tall plastic glasses as the molds. The tops were then brushed with piping gel and rolled in sparkly silver sugar sprinkles.

I covered the cake first with pink buttercream icing (her fave) then surrounded it with pink rolled fondant that I had impressed with a plastic knife to look like blocks for the castle walls … along with the rice krispie towers.

I cut and molded the blocks for the trim on castle and towers using white fondant as well. All of the doors and windows and ivy leaves were cut from tinited fondant and glued on with piping gel. The vines were just piped buttercream icing.

I think I may have mentioned on occasion how my grands are the ones who kind of keep me on my toes when it comes to my cake designs. The big challenge for this particular year was the “shiny turquoise” dragon on top of the castle …. to protect the princess of course!

I sculpted this from teal colored fondant much like you would a statue from clay. It worked out pretty well although the wings were a little tricky. I then brushed him with blue and green lustre dust.

Candy fairies on florists wire then placed randomly around castle (also a special request). Her birthday was happy…I was happy … but most importantly “our” little princess was happy!!!

Coolest Homemade Pink Castle Cake

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