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Coolest Homemade Tow Mater Cake

My son’s 2nd birthday was fast approaching and he has made the switch from loving Mickey Mouse to adoring Disney cars. He loves Lightning McQueen but he and I both adore Tow Mater. He is so funny and my little boy Jack laughs at everything he does.

Now a friend had posted a picture of her son’s Lightning McQueen cake made by a professional cake maker and it really was awesome. We had decided to get our boy a cake from the supermarket so that everyone would enjoy it and it was less expensive than having one like my friend’s made.

I laid in bed thinking, could I do this cake as I was always quite arty in school so I thought why not try, so I bought the ingredients, did my research online and gave it a shot. The cake turned out amazing and the look on my boy’s face was priceless  it just goes to show, put your mind to something and you can make it happen. Thanks John, proud father to Jack (2).

Tow mater cake