Coolest HomemadeToy Story Birthday Cake

For a birthday celebration, we went to see the Toy Story 3D double feature and surpised our son with a Toy Story-themed party after the show.

This cake consists of 3 levels. One square 10″ layer on the bottom, one 8″ round one in the middle, and one 4″ round cake on top. We topped each level with homemade frosting and then covered each with fondant. We used plain white fondant and colored it manually with gel food colors. It takes a little longer than using pre-colored, but the manual way lets YOU create the colors you desire. The colors are also much more vibrant using this method.

For the fence around the base, we colored some fondant brown. We then rolled it out into a big flat sheet and used a pairing knife to cut out fence pieces. We also used a pairing knife to etch in simulated wood textures. We let these fence pieces sit all night and harden up until we made the cakes the next day.

We made the cakes the next morning and put a layer of green fondant over the 10″ base. We then used a makeshift gum paste solution to adhere the fence pieces to the side of the cake.

We then covered the 8″ mid section with a light blue fondant and placed it on top of the green base. We made white clouds out of white fondant. We used the same gum paste solution to get the clouds to stick. We then spread a little paste on the exposed sections of the green base and sprinkled on green sugar crystals to simulate grass.

Our top section was a little tricky. We cut a piece of cardboard to exactly match the bottom of our top 4″ cake. We secured some food-safe cake wire to the bottom of our cardboard and ran it up through the center of the cardboard all the way out the top of the cake. We then wrapped this cake section with yellow fondant and smoothed it out the best we could so that the wire was sticking out the top.

I then wrapped the end of the exposed wire around our little Buzz Lightyear so that he appeard to be flying about an inch above the cake. We used the same yellow fondant to cut triangles, to simulate sun rays, and then pasted them to the blue section.

Then, my wife used cut-outs to make fondant letters and cut some shapes onto which to paste them. Once the letters and shapes were attached to the fence, we put the rest of our Toy Story playset figures on the cake and we were done. The kids, friends, and relatives LOVED it!

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