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Coolest Homer Simpson Birthday Cake

Thought I’d put this Homer Simpson Birthday Cake on as this website really inspired me. I made this cake for my husband’s birthday. It’s hard to tell the size from a picture but the cake was approx 30cm long.

Homer’s belly is the main part of the cake. I piled and shaped three layers of sponge and sandwiched together with jam and buttercream. I saved a couple of strips of sponge to use as his legs and then just covered it all with icing.

Homer’s shoes, head and arms are made from icing. The arms were easy but to get the head right I printed off loads of Homer pictures from the internet from different angles. I think the important bit is to remember the little details that really finish it off – for example, just adding a couple of strips of white icing for the collar made a huge difference (and covered the join between his neck and body!!).

I then finished it off with beer cans made by rolling a sausage of grey icing and cutting odd sections. I then cut red squares of the label and wrote ‘Duff’ (Homer’s favourite beer brand!) on them with writing icing.

The presents are just made from coloured icing cut into blocks with the ‘ribbons’ drawn on with writing icing pens.

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