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Coolest Horse Birthday Cake

My niece wanted a Horse Birthday Cake that looked like Secretariat! I googled the horse and sketched a pattern from a closeup of the horses face. I baked 3 9x 13 cakes and froze them ahead of time.

I layed the frozen cakes out on my cake board and layed the pattern on it and carved around the pattern. I then covered the cake with buttercream frosting. That part went pretty well. I had previously made up 2 batches of marshmallow fondant. Getting the fondant the right color was a challenge! I used 2 full bottles of brown Wilton cake gel and that wasn’t enough. I then added 1/2 bottle of red and that helped, but didn’t do it…I then added another whole jar of brown and that did it. Perfect color BUT all that gel really messed up the consistency of the fondant. So more powdered sugar (a lot more actually) and I finally got it to where I could transfer it from the cabinet top to the cake without tearing! With my hands, I pressed the fondant into the hole I had hollowed out for the nose and the indention around the jaw area.

With a sharp knife, I removed the brown fondant from the cake where the white blaze was to go. I used that piece for a pattern to cut the white fondant blaze and placed it in the hole where the brown was. (Does that make sense?) I then used watered down black gel to hand paint shadowing on the ears and muzzle area. I cut out a section of fondant for the eye, lifted it fondant up a bit and placed the fondant eyeball in. I placed two strips of brown fondant around the eye to give it a 3D effect. The harness was made out of strips of black fondant. The mane was supposed to be piped brown buttercream BUT I had used so much brown coloring in the fondant that I ran out before I could get it dark enough! Time was running out so with my hands I just rolled out thin strips of leftover fondant and layed them in layers over the horse.

My niece was thrilled with her Secretariat cake!

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  1. My son in law trains race horses and i can tell you this is one amazing job it looks so live like,I know the feeling with the brown tho ,I just did a purse and i never did get it the color brown i wanted .But you should be very proud of this. Great Job


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