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Coolest Horse Head Cake

My son wanted a cowboy and horse-themed party for his fourth birthday. I went online and started looking at the different ideas for Horse Head cakes. I am not known for my creative abilities so I was looking for something fairly easy. I saw the 13″ x 9″ pan template on this site and figured I could do one of those.

As I don’t like chocolate frosting, I decided to go with a white horse and a red mane. Everyone in the family loves creamcheese frosting so that was what I used for the white.

I had seen, on another site, the idea of using chocolate twizzlers on the mane but, since I was trying to stay away from chocolate, I went with the cherry pull-n-peel twizzlers for the mane. One twizzler strand worked nicely for the eye outline, nose, and mouth. The bridle was made with Dots candy and the inside of the eye was a green Dot with the rounded top cut off. I did use a small bit of red frosting on the back of the mane and to help the twizzlers blend in a bit.

My son loved it and the party was a success !

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