Coolest Hospital Nurse Doll Cake

My niece turned 6 and wanted a doctors party. My sister (her mom) was quite happy to go with the red cross on a white cake, but I had other plans.

This Hospital Nurse Doll Cake was a basic variation on the Barbie or princess cake.

I started of by using round sponge cakes that I stacked and shaped. I cut holes in with a cookie cutter. This didn’t work so well and I broke so many of the pieces that I decided to shape her dress with warm rice crispy treat. I wrapped the doll (clothes and all) in cling wrap and shaped the rice crispy treat around her.

I started with a crumb layer of butter icing that I cooled in the freezer and then followed with the final version. I added home made detail like the stethoscope and injection that we made from wire and the nurses hat that I folded from paper. The cup cakes was a last minute addition to have at least SOME cake around for the kids to eat.

During the party we were all quite shocked at how 6 year old girls can hack away at a doll with fingers and forks, but it was GREAT fun!

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