Coolest Hula Birthday Cake

Barbie turns 50 this year 2009, so I have made and decorated this Hula Birthday Cake for my friend’s 50th birthday party. I used a large oven safe mixing bowl for the skirt cake on Barbie.

The sheet cake was iced with chocolate icing then sprinkled with crushed up graham cracker crumbs to make the sand. The hula doll skirt was placed on the cake after cooling. Barbie was wrapped in plastic wrap then put into the middle of the cake. I used fondant icing dyed with Wilton green food dye from the craft store.

The hula skirts were made with purchased fondant put through a pasta/spaghetti maker. Note: keep the pasta damp to ease in placement on the cake. The skirt cake was then iced with a green dyed icing before placing the fondant strips all around. The sitting dolls had icing used on their wastes as a gluing ingredient for the skirt materials. Then pink flowers were piped on for decor and flower leis. Milk Duds were cut in half and hollowed out for the coconut bras.

It took a little work but turned out pretty cute.

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  1. I make a lot of cakes for my 4 kids birthdays, and I LOVE yours! Thank you for the great ideas, beautiful aesthetics and inspiration!
    Pacific Palisades, CA


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