Coolest Humf Cake

I made this Humf Cake for my friend’s daughter’s 4th birthday. This character is called Humf, he is a purple monster from an English cartoon show.

This is 2 Victoria sponge cakes with raspberry jam and butter cream, one 6 inch and one 4 inch, covered with white sugar paste and decorated with a purple swans down feather trim round the 6 inch and a white satin ribbon round the 4 inch.

I modelled the Humf monster by hand from sugar paste I coloured with grape sugarflair colouring. I used a large ball for body and small ball for his head, 2 large sausage shapes for legs and 2 smaller ones for arms; I dragged a knife carefully over the paste to give it a furry appearance. I then mixed a small amount of holly green colouring to make ears, hands and feet and glued him all together using a small amount of royal icing.

The smile was made with a smile tool and 2 small white sugar paste triangles for teeth and 2 small circles for eyes. Then I made a few very small purple cones to make extra spikes for his hair. Unfortunately there wasn’t really enough room on top of the 4 inch cake to ice a message which was disappointing but she loved the cake so that’s what counts !

Hope you like it.

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