Coolest In The Night Garden Cake

I made this cake for my daughter’s first birthday. As it is the only show she will watch. I found lots of ideas online for a “In the night garden” cake. She really loved Igglepiggle!

I wanted to make a cake that was shaped as Igglepiggle but found that it was easier just to make him out of marzipan.

To make this cake I made a round vanilla cake then iced it with Betty Crocker icing which I coloured green for the grass. Igglepiggle and Makka Pakka are made from marzipan which I coloured.

To get the colour for Makka Pakka I used red and yellow to make an orange then tinted it with a tiny drip of black to get that skin colour. Then I just added a little more black to make it darker for the stone looking things on his head.

I also used marzipan for the pebbled path and round coloured balls. I used Smarties to trim the bottom of the cake as I cannot use a piping bag to save my life!

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