Cool Homemade Makka Pakka Cake

My son loves In the Night Garden and his favorite character is Makka Pakka. So I thought I’d give it a go.

I used 2 different cakes, banana cake for the body and sponge for the head, limbs and sponge. In hindsight though sponge was not the best idea, although easy to shape it doesn’t like being iced too well as it started to crumble. No problem, my husband brought out the hairdryer to soften the icing and away we went.

The Makka Pakka cake was big, we decided to make him laying down as it would be easier to work with, and also that way we would have more cake to feed the guests. Decorating was a lot of fun, we used a jellybean for his soap in the sponge and chopped the base off mallowpuffs to define his feet. I was tempted to use melted chocolate to outline the feet, but the buttons worked better and proved to be a hit with the kids.

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