Coolest In The Night Garden Cake

I made this In the Night Garden cake for my obsessed 2 year old daughter. Used banana cake, need a heavy cake for the white icing. I cut the cake into 6 parts, legs (minus feet), arms (minus hands), head and body.

Ice the head first with skin colour white icing. Make the hands fully out of this icing too (they’re impossible to make out of cake, I tried)! Orange icing for the arms and legs. and dress top, red for the skirt etc etc.

A lot of icing in this cake. Make sure you roll it as thin as possible so the cake is actually edible! This cake was a real hit with my daughter.

3 thoughts on “Coolest In The Night Garden Cake”

  1. Well done!! I’m looking at making a daisy cake for my little girls 2nd birthday coming up… did you just use icing for her hair? how long did it take you to make??

  2. This cake looks amazing! I’m going to attempt this for my Daughters 2nd birthday in 2 weeks! Not very creative & this will be my first cake so hoping it goes ok! Thanks for the great instructions :) x


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