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Cool Homemade Incredible Hulk Cake

I made this Incredible Hulk cake for my husband’s birthday. Every year we do a birthday theme and this year it was the Incredible Hulk.

The cake is two 9″ rounds and I used homemade buttercream fondant. I ended up sculpting the face from the fondant. I had a green fondant base and then added the black for shadow, using a mini paint brush.

Overall this cake came out pretty good for my first attempt at using homemade fondant.

5 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Incredible Hulk Cake”

  1. This is very impressive! I’m looking for hulk cake ideas for my daughter’s birthday, I don’t think I could do anything close to this. Great job

  2. My son wants a Hulk Cake for his 6th Birthday. I don’t think I can do anything close to what you have done. This is too good.
    Could you please tell me how come the fondant is holding up the shape so well? Did u add anything to make it stiff?
    Also, what did you use for the black color? Is it just paint or black fondant?

    Many Thanks.

  3. There is no secret to the homemade fondant holding its shape. I was just lucky in that this recipe did! Looking back I would probably use a store bought fondant which would prob be easier to work with. As far as the black for the hair I just used a lot of black Wilton coloring on white buttercream icing. If you start with a dark color or chocolate buttercream the process doesn’t take as much black to get that end result. thank you all for your comments and praise! i hope these cake ideas help.


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