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Coolest Incredible Hulk Cake

One of my twins requested a Lime Incredible Hulk Cake for his 5th birthday. I made a 9″ two layer Lime cake (recipe used a lemon cake mix with lime jello). I added some green food coloring to the cake mix for more color. It’s covered in a Lime Cream Cheese frosting.

I used premade green fondant for the face. I found a picture from a book and enlarged it and traced the lines on my copy that I wanted to duplicate onto the cake. After rolling out the fondant on wax paper, I just laid my picture on top and trimmed the fondant in the shape I needed for the face. The wax paper just peeled off the back and I placed the face on the chilled cake top. Then I just added the hair and facial lines with store bought black icing, and piped icing for the eyes too. And trimmed the bottom with green stars.

He loved it and it was cool that the inside was green too.

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