I made this Iron Man cake with a combination of rice crispy treats and vanilla cake. I molded the head and neck out of rice crispy treats and covered it in red and yellow fondant. I used tin foil for the eyes and mouth. I found a sugary, powdered glitter in gold and red and painted it on the fondant to give it a metallic look.

I used 2 9 inch cakes for the body, which I frosted before putting the fondant on. I quartered one of the cakes and put 2 pieces together for the shoulders, again frosting before adding the fondant, and for the front and back I just cut the other cake in half. I covered the head and neck separately with the fondant, as well as the shoulders and body. I used small wooden dowels to attach the head to the neck by just pushing them through the rice crispy treats.

Refrigerating the head and neck parts kept them nice and firm. This was a huge hit at my son’s 6 birthday party, especially when he got to rip off the head!