Coolest Iron Man Cake

I made this Iron Man cake with a combination of rice crispy treats and vanilla cake. I molded the head and neck out of rice crispy treats and covered it in red and yellow fondant. I used tin foil for the eyes and mouth. I found a sugary, powdered glitter in gold and red and painted it on the fondant to give it a metallic look.

I used 2 9 inch cakes for the body, which I frosted before putting the fondant on. I quartered one of the cakes and put 2 pieces together for the shoulders, again frosting before adding the fondant, and for the front and back I just cut the other cake in half. I covered the head and neck separately with the fondant, as well as the shoulders and body. I used small wooden dowels to attach the head to the neck by just pushing them through the rice crispy treats.

Refrigerating the head and neck parts kept them nice and firm. This was a huge hit at my son’s 6 birthday party, especially when he got to rip off the head!

13 thoughts on “Coolest Iron Man Cake”

  1. That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! My 6 yr old son would LOVE it – but cannot show him since I can’t come close to duplicating! What an awesome mom you must be!

  2. I have questions rather than comments… How much do you think you spent making this cake… Also do you make for sale? My 5 year old would love to have something just like this.


  3. Awesome work. You must have made your son’s day. My son would love that for his 6th birthday too coming up next week.
    Pat yourself on your back cause this is the best iron man cake I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing that with us. Not sure if I’m as talented as you doing it like that.
    thanks again

  4. If you just can’t find the person to make the cake that you are looking for, or have a special cake that no one seems to know how to make, just shoot me an email and we can make your cake ideas into reality. Any ideas that you may have, I can sketch it for you and we will get your special cake done.

    My email address is: pastrychefaristy[at]

    Thank you for trusting me with something special.

  5. What creativity. I just bought an Iron Man mask at Wal-mart so I can put on top of the cake and you hand created this yourself. Beautiful, You were your son’s Hero that day!

    Another Mom in California

  6. OMG this is the greatest cake and what a great mind.
    I am just Praying I can copy this for my Grandson!
    Fabulous and even greater for you to share it.
    God Bless you!

  7. I saw this and said thank you Jesus!! This is just AWESOME! You just made my day…and my grandson’s 4th birthday party. I know he will love this. Thank you soooo much for sharing!!!

  8. Thanks for sharing your incredible creation. My grandson is having a “Iron Man 6th Birthday Party” and this will be “the icing on the cake”. I just hope mine comes out half as great as yours….

  9. Thank you, so very much, for the comments! I am sorry that I missed these. I literally just received my first notification of a comment today. I am so happy this creation is being enjoyed by so many. Best of luck! I am happy to help in anyway if you need any.


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