Coolest Jack Skellington Birthday Cake

My 14 year old daughter wanted a NMBC Birthday party and didn’t want a store bought cake. Being the creative dad that I am I jumped on the chance to make a cake for her even though I’ve never baked a cake before or even decorated one. I found this page during my research for ideas and even used a couple.

The head is Chocolate cake with white frosting and the body is white cake with chocolate frosting. I traced out the face with a tooth pick and used Black Cookie Icing to fill it in. This was amazing stuff, easy to work with and dried smooth and solid.

I blended up Oreo cookies (minus the cream filling) and packed it on the body for his jacket, white frosting for the shirt and used a little tube of white icing for the stripes (took 2 tubes).

His bat was cut out of black construction paper and white construction paper for the eyes.

For a small touch I placed small bone sprinkle candies around the edge of the body and sprinkled left over Oreo crumbs and candy bone’s around the plate.

Everyone at the party was amazed and said this Jack Skellington Birthday Cake tasted as good as it looked.

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