I was asked to create a cake for a little girl celebrating her 7th birthday where the party theme was making jewelery.

To make this Jewelery Box on a Vanity Cake I stacked 2 9×13″ marble cakes and covered with buttercream icing. I then piped on the outline of the drawers. The knobs for the drawers are made by melting a bit of white chocolate wafers and then using that to “glue” two more together. After these dried, I attached using a dot of the buttercream.

The jewellery box is a small wooden box that I picked up at the dollar store. To keep it from sticking to the icing, I cut a piece of waxed paper to size and placed it on the cake, then the box. All of the jewelery and makeup is candy. I found some fruit leather strips and used them as bracelets by bending them into a circle and butting the ends together. I then put the end side down into the cake icing to secure them.

Arranged candies so that it looked like any young girl’s dresser and jewelery box might look after being rummaged through.

I received rave reviews from all who attended the party!