Coolest Makeup Cake with Case and Cosmetics

This makeup cake was made for my mother-in-law’s 50th birthday and includes a purse, cosmetic bag and a variety of makeup items which are all edible.

Makeup Cake Directions

  • I baked 2 round cakes the day before the party.
  • When cool,  I sandwiched the cakes with buttercream frosting.
  • The cosmetics were made from fondant which I rolled and moulded into shapes by hand (lipstick, eye shadow, gloss, brushes, nail polish, etc.).
  • The makeup bag is a round cake with a piece cut out of it so that it resembles a bag.
  • For the purse I used the cake that came out of the bag I cut and shaped it.
  • I then refrigerated the pieces for an hour.
  • Next, I dirty iced the purse and makeup bags and refrigerated them once more.
  • The final icing was then added, with attention paid to smoothing out all of the lines and bumps.
  • Fondant flowers and butterflies which were made with a press cutter were added.
  • 2 thin white fondant ribbons were cut and used to line the edges of purse and makeup bag.
  • 1 black fondant ribbon was used as the zipper for the purse.
  • Once complete, the cake was left to rest for a few hours before the party.

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