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Coolest Jewelry Box & High Heel Shoe Birthday Cake

I made this jewelry box & high heel shoe birthday cake for an “Over The Heel” birthday celebration. This cake is a jewelry Box, complete with birthstone and diamond rings, watch, string of pearls, bracelet, lipsticks, perfume, and high heel shoe, all of which were made from gum paste.

I made all pieces of gum paste and dried them ahead of time, allowing approx 7 days to dry. When dry I painted them with food coloring. For the pearls, I rolled out gum paste and cut them with a tip 12 and rolled each into a ball and let dry on a bed of cornstarch. After they dried, I used a needle and dental floss and strung the pearls, then i dusted them with Mother of pearl luster dust, then steamed them and hung them to dry.

For the cake I baked a full sheet cake and cut into thirds and filled, stacked and covered with marshmallow fondant. I didn’t color the fondant, I used a wood paint technique on the fondant using watered down brown and ivory food coloring. After it dried I wiped down the cake with Crisco and wiped off the excess, that way the cake has a sheen to it or you could just steam the whole cake if you have the equipment. For the lid on the cake I used foam core board and just covered it in fondant also and attached it with dowel rods into the cake.

The high heel shoe was made from gum paste which I added a little tylose to give it a bit more strength. It is a basic shoe pattern, but I added my own touches to make this shoe design.

Good luck and happy baking!

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