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Coolest Kayaking Birthday Cake

This kayaking birthday cake was made to celebrate a 55th birthday and was a very fun cake to make. I planned the whole cake design in my head. It took some time and skill to bring to completion, but as noted, it was fun.

Kayaking Birthday Cake Details

  • We baked a round cake and added a wave on top for the kayak to glide over.
  • We had to redo our cream cheese icing because it was way too liquidy. We turned it into a cream cheese buttercream icing instead and it tasted so good.
  • A shark fin was added to the water… for fun, of course.
  • We made the kayak, the person, and the shark fin out of fondant that we got at Michaels.

The birthday card I gave the the guest of honor even matched the cake.

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