Coolest Ladybug Cake

The theme for my daughter’s first birthday was pink and green ladybugs. I made this ladybug cake with inspiration from ladybug and garden cake pictures on this site.

The bottom layer is made from a 12 inch flower shaped pan (I think Wilton calls it petal pan). I covered the top and half way down the sides with pale pink buttercream, and the bottom half of the sides with pale green buttercream. I then decorated it with ladybug candies I made using tinted almond bark and a chocolate mold (these are so easy! but make them in advance!)

I finished this layer with a grass tip border. The middle layer is a 6 inch round cake covered with pale green buttercream and decorated with more ladybugs and pink and green flowers- my favorite kind, one dot in the middle, 5 or 6 dots for petals. You can’t mess these up! More darker green grass finished this layer.

The top layer (the ladybug) is made from one jumbo muffin for the body and a mini muffin for the head. I decorated the pink ladybug with green spots and gave her blue eyes to match my daughters. The antennae were the only non edible part- they are twist ties dipped in green almond bark.

I was really happy with how this cake turned out. I also carried the theme over to the ice cream. I pre-scooped strawberry ice cream into cupcake papers. I frosted vanilla wafer cookies pink and piped little ladybug faces on. I put one on each ice cream scoop. I piped green spots on and then had ice cream ladybugs. Too cute!

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