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Cute Homemade Lego Ninjago Cake

My son’s name is Zane, so for his 5th birthday I made him a “Zane Lego Ninjago Cake”.

This is make with two 9″ chocolate cakes. I froze the cakes so they would hold their shape and the weight of the decorations. I made a raspberry glaze for the center and an almond butter cream frosting which I dyed assorted colors as needed.

After covering the cake with the glaze and the frosting I created the folds by using marshmallow fondant. I used the same fondant to cut out the eyes. Using a pizza cutter to trim and cut makes the job really easy. There is a great recipe online for the MM fondant.

Thanks to Peggy Weaver for her online Fondant recipe and Buttercream Frosting recipe.

These recipes saved my life.

Enjoy, It was a big hit!

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