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Coolest Lightening McQueen Cars Birthday Cake

This Lightening McQueen Cars Birthday Cake I made for my little Blakey Bear when he turned 3 this year. It is a triple layer cake made with 3 boxes of Rainbow Chip cake mix. Rainbow Chip frosting between layers for the car. The 3rd layer is cut and leveled off to make the front window.

The wheels I rolled out of fondant and all the decorations like the Lightening bolt and numbers I used cookie cutters. I use a little white powdered sugar and water to help them stick to the cake. As they dry and sit it gets stronger. Put the fondant in the microwave here and there as needed to get keep it soft and smooth, 10 second intervals, so you don’t over cook it. Black is always best bought vs. making your own. Whatever you use for a base, a table tray works good, just cover with foil.

My Blakey loved this cake and still talks about it all the time. If your kid loves CARS he would love for you to make him a cake like this!

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