Coolest Lightning McQueen Cake

My son wanted Lightning McQueen on his birthday cake this year. And of course I can’t say no. I first found this Wilton’s Cars’ pan to use, but with the size of family we have, I knew I’d need more cake. So I thought I could put Lightning McQueen on top of a sheet cake. I first made a chocolate sheet cake (with an amazing chocolate cake recipe I found online) and while it baked I made the butter cream icing. I used the Wilton butter cream icing recipe.

Then I baked a white box cake in the Lightning McQueen pan while the other cooled. For my sheet cake I iced it all in white butter cream and then colored some icing black to do checkers around the sides of the cake to look like a checkered flag. I followed the instructions for how to decorate Lightning McQueen on the Wilton pan. The last icing I put on was the white shells around the cake edges.

WARNING: when stacking a cake, make sure the box you put it in does not hit the top of the cake! I unfortunately did this and smudged it, but not too bad! It still turned out good and he loved it!!