Coolest Lightning McQueen Cake

My boy (Kent Michael) is turning two and loves the movie Cars and Lightning McQueen especially. So I researched and found out how to make the marshmallow fondant and tried my hand at cake making/ decorating. This Lightning McQueen Cake is not perfect by any means and my wife finally had to stop me from “fixing” it and “touching it up” or I would still be working on it.

I just used the moist yellow cake mix on the bottom 13×9 layer then put butter cream icing on top of that layer and put the other 13×9 on top of that and started shaping. Then I rolled out my fondant in sheets and sculpted and played until I ended up with the main car body. Then I mixed up the different batches of color for the lightning bolts, lights, and wheels, etc. then just cut them out with a knife or pizza cutter and applied.

It was a blast to make and my boy would just stare at it for a long time then whisper “awesome”. My biggest problem was having to re-do the bumper three or four times because when I turned my back Kent Michael had eaten big chunks of it. I want to say that all the cakes on this site gave me the motivation to give it a try, so thanks to all of you guys/ girls.

The kitchen clean up was not fun, I tend to create in chaos and don’t take off my blinders until I’m done and wow….what a mess.