I made this Little Einsteins Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. He LOVED the Little Einsteins when you couldn’t find much of anything for them – toys, cake molds, clothes, party supplies, maybe a few books. I think I got the idea from this site.

I used a large bowl (1.5 cake mixes) for Rocket’s body and used the remaining mix for cupcakes, which I made the boosters out of. I hate the red frosting from the stores – too sweet! – so I used every trick I could find to make my own. It didn’t work too well. I was able to make a very dark pink by letting the frosting sit in the fridge for 2-3 days.

After I frosted the cake, I then covered it with the red decorating sugar crystals. I reserved a small batch of the frosting and made light blue for the windows. I used red shoestring licorice for trim, cotton candy for smoke out the back of the boosters, a Tootsie Pop for the antenna and yellow gumdrops for lights. I printed pictures of the Little Einsteins and contact papered them so the moisture from the frosting wouldn’t ruin them. Voila!

As for the party décor I bought music note tablecloths, centerpieces and banners. I hung red balloons and printed a couple copies of the lyrics to the Little Einstein theme song and printed a few pictures of Rocket and the Einstein Kids and hung them on the walls.