Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

For my little girl’s 3rd birthday all she wanted was a Little Einsteins Rocket Cake. She had talked about it for over four months and was so excited about getting one.

To make it I cooked 2 chocolate cakes – one in a large round tin and the other in a small pudding tin. Once cooled, I trimmed the large round cake on the sides to make it oval and the smaller cake sat on top to become rockets cabin.

To make the side engines, I used pre-made jam logs. The fins were square cookies, which I trimmed into shape and stuck in the top. I iced it in butter cream icing coloured red and blue for all the details. I used a piping kit to get the window bars and the circles on the engines. Lastly I used two peanut m&ms for the headlights and a red lollipop for the top radar.

To complete the theme I used my little girls Little Einsteins figures around the cake. When she came to blow out the candles I stuck sparklers in the back. It gave the full rocket flying effect!

She loved it and it was one of the easiest cakes to make!


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