Coolest Little Einsteins Rocket Cake

The Little Einsteins Rocket cake is made from 1 cake mix using a 9 inch round cake pan for the bottom and an oven safe glass mixing bowl for the dome top. Ice cream cones topped with a half of a vanilla wafer were used for the rocket boosters and fin.

To make sure the icing was red and not pink, we used an entire container of the “No Taste Red” Wilton’s paste food coloring (it really did not change the taste the way some reds do). The blue was smoothed on first for the front and back windows, then red lines were piped on the cake with a round tip where the “seams” are on rocket.

Next the red was piped on using a star tip to fill in the entire rest of the cake, with the exception of the two round headlights, which were made with a small amount of yellow icing, also piped on with a star tip. Finally, the rocket boosters and headlights were outlined using blue icing and a round tip.

While not shown in the picture, brown (chocolate icing) music notes were piped all over the foil, two birthday candles were used on top of rocket in place of his round antenna, and Little Einsteins characters Leo and Annie (can be bought in sets of 2 characters with rocket at most toy stores/toy departments for around $10) were placed nearby for decoration.

My 2-year-old loved his rocket cake and still asks to see pictures of it. It was my first “lesson” in cake decorating from my mom.

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