Coolest Mermaid Cake

For the mermaid  cake you will need: yellow cake mix,  dark chocolate and triple fudge cake mix, butter cream icing, crushed toffee, gold crystals jimmies, Malibu Barbie, sea animals and treasure chest, PollyPocket, rock candy, pearl bubble gum balls, teal, pink, violet coloring, 16 inch cake board.

Base: 14 inch round, I did dark chocolate and triple fudge mixed.

Rock Hill: yellow cake in a small bundt pan.

Rock Hill:  Ice with butter cream first then sprinkle and pat with crushed toffee and gold jimmies mixed together. The base I put a fine layer of butter cream around the center where the rock hill will go. Transfer the rock hill to on top of base.

Barbie:  Tint small amount of butter cream pink and a small amount violet. Stand the Barbie in the hole of the bundt cake and push down until the feet touch the board. With tip #18, cover the Barbie with the pink making stats and down the front of the hill for her tail. With tip #16, using the violet, put a row around the waist of the Barbie just above the pink.  Make a fin on the base with the violet.

Base:  Tint butter cream teal. Using tip #73 fill in around the hill and tail and cover all the rest of the base with stars. Place the gum balls around bottom of the base.

Decorating: put rock candy around the base of the hill and behind the Barbie. Place sea creatures around the hill and in the water.

Coolest Mermaid Cake

Coolest Mermaid Cake

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