This Littlest pet Shop birthday cake was for my daughter’s 8th birthday party. She likes any thing with Littlest Pet Shop or any animal. So since I couldn’t find a cake topper I decided to try making her one. Everything on the cake was edible with the exception of the fence post and the pets and the little hay barrel.

The trees were pretzel sticks with gumballs covered in icing. The dog house was from graham crackers and royal icing. The pond and the mud pit were made from piping gel tinted with food coloring. I did put a layer of regular frosting under the piping gel that was also tinted with the blue or green to enhance the color. Skittles and sweet and sour strip were used for the pathway.

Once you get started, you keep coming up with ideas. I would have liked to make it on a larger cake because a waterfall would have fun to try and make. It was fun to make and the kids enjoyed it too.