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Coolest Lizard Birthday Cake

This Lizard Birthday Cake was made for my friend’s son’s 7th birthday. I got the idea from other cakes I found on this site. The lizard was sculpted from rice crispie treats. I did him a few days before and let him harden by placing him on an upside down cake pan.

I then did a thin layer of buttercream frosting and covered him in marshmallow fondant. The kids even helped with this one by making all the little lizards you see, also out of fondant.

The cake itself is a double layer yellow 1/4 sheet cake. I made chocolate buttercream frosting and tried to make it look like a forest floor. To do that I added crumbled chocolate and honey graham crackers, raisinette “rocks” and grated chocolate. Finally I added a few grass details with green buttercream frosting.

The cake was a huge hit! Thanks to this site for pointing me in the right direction.

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