When my son asked for a bearded dragon for his 6th birthday, that kicked off the theme for his birthday celebration. He, of course, asked for a lizard cake. After looking for ideas all over the Web, I decided I was going to go with shaping one out of multiple cakes.

Cutting out the cake and piecing it together turned out to be the easiest part. Never did I take into consideration how much frosting this cake would take. I still have no clue how many batches of frosting I mixed together. Thankfully I knew I wanted to use multiple shades of green because matching the colors time after time became very difficult. I cut the cake out one day and decided to frost another day. Thank goodness Because never did I think this cake would take me nearly six hours to frost.

Just as I would get into a frosting groove, my frosting would run out or I would need to reload my cake decorator tool. And to rewind a little, I don’t think I had really envisioned how big the cake would be. I had to get a piece of plywood from the garage and wrap it in aluminum foil because I couldn’t find anything else that it would fit on. Once it was completed, I realized there wasn’t a really good place to write on. I didn’t want to ruin it by writing on it. It even hurt my feelings a little bit when we put the candles on it. But the look on the kids faces when I brought out the cake was something I’ll never forget. They were in awe of its size and especially liked the Laffy Taffy tongue.

While it was fun to make, I’m just an amateur who bit off a little more than I could chew. But it was worth it!! Just don’t ask me to do it again.