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Coolest Looney Tunes Gossamer Cake

I made this Gossamer cake for a friend’s birthday! Gossamer from Looney Tunes is her favotie character so I made it for her.

I made a yellow cake (from a box mix) then let it cool and cut it to shape with a very sharp knife. I frosted the feet with buttercream frosting and then tried to make red frosting with red cake gel and white frosting. This only gave me hot pink frosting! I went to the store and the only red frosting they had was for icing cookies so I bought two 14 ounce tubes. I only used 1 whole tube and a little bit of the 2nd.

As I iced the cake it looked kind of lumpy but as it dried it had a shiny, smooth look to it.

I melted chocolate candy melts in a Ziploc bag for most of the decor on the cake (eyes, eyebrows, smile, legs and shoes).

As for the eyes I piped on some buttercream and placed an M&M.

My friend loved her Gossamer cake!

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