Coolest Luau Birthday Cake

This Luau birthday cake was for my daughter’s 8th birthday. We had a pool party and a luau! I had so much fun making this cake. First, I used a VERY large cake pan (12x18x2) for the bottom layer of the cake, and 2 (9×13) for the top layer. You could use just 1 (9×13) for the top, but it will not give you as good of a drop for your waterfall!

I chilled the cake, and cut out the waterfall and pond at the bottom. I filled in the water first, with WHITE frosting, which I sprayed with Wilton blue frosting spray. This gives the water an amazing look, like it is actually flowing, with white caps on the water at the base of the waterfall.

Then, I frosted the rest of the cake with green frosting. I piped green around the bottom of the entire cake, and added flowers and “grass” out of frosting. I used green fruit roll-ups, green gumdrops, and large pretzels for the palm trees, then printed the Happy Birthday sign on the computer and wrapped it around the pretzels. The Hula boy and girl were absolutely necessary and came from a party store near-by!

This cake was a great centerpiece and a big hit!

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