Coolest Waterfall Cake

I love this website. I’m a beginner at cake decorating and it has given me the best ideas. This waterfall cake is a compilation of a lot of the luau cake ideas.

I used one 12 inch cake for the bottom, then two 10 inch cakes and two more 6 inch cakes for the top. I planned on putting a hula girl on the top with a surfboard but at the last minute I couldn’t find her (of course she showed up after the party). We used the giant hibiscus flower instead.

The flamingo, flowers, palm tree and surfboards are not edible. The surfboard was a candle I found at a dollar store and the flowers going down the front of the waterfall were sticker jewels from a craft store. I hot glued toothpicks onto the back of them so they would stand up. The fish in the water is a sucker from a party store.

I used green colored coconut on top of frosting from a tub for the “land” part of the waterfall. I planned on crushing up coconut macaroons for sand but I changed my mind and kept it “clean”.

The waterfall frosting is buttercream frosting that I piped on with the largest frosting tip. I tried to used two different shades of blue combined in the bag for a more three dimensional look and then immediately sprinkled on blue deco crystals for a ‘shimmer’ effect.

All the kids wanted a piece of the waterfall. The cake and frosting flavor was coconut and believe it or not, we had it all eaten or given away by the end of the day! My daughter loved it and I didn’t want to cut it!

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