Coolest Waterfall Cake

My daughter and I decided to make a cool Luau cake for her birthday. I made a three tier cake with six layers so we could add a long waterfall.

We frosted the cake with green to create the inner island feeling. I used a # 233 Wilton tip to create the various grass and foliage.

To create the sand on top I just smashed gramme crackers to a fine grain and sprinkled in various areas to create the beach theme.

The waterfall was created by using a blue frosting base. I then created the white caps in the waterfall by doing a technique used to make a lemon meringue pie. I just added white frosting to the bottom of a spoon, laid it against the blue waterfall and then pulled up and away from the cake to create the 3D spray look you would find on a real waterfall. I took a small craft paint brush and added the dark blue food jel to create depth in the waterfall.

We then topped off the waterfall cake with some candy rocks, plastic palm trees and flowers.

My daughter and I loved the way it turned out! Some advise, make the cake the night before the party and put in the fridge. That way you wont be stressed for time the day of the party and you can be as creative as you want.

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  1. I like this cake but how did you do it because my grandmother wants to make one but she needs to know how to put the waterfall in.


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