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Coolest Mack the Truck from Cars Cake

We made this Mack the Truck from Cars Cake by baking two cake mixes (9 cups of batter) in an extra long Wilton loaf pan for 70 minutes. We turned the cake out and my husband carved the basic shape of a truck and trailer.

We iced the cake using the Wilton buttercream icing recipe (tinted in red, black, and grey). We cut the peak of Mack’s cap out of a red plastic plate and attached it. We used york peppermint patties for the tires and put icing in the middle to look like rims.

The cake isn’t raised on anything as some other truck cake suggest doing – we just carved out a spot for the wheel wells. Overall it took 2 of us about 3 hours to decorate the cake. We used stickers from our son’s Cars colouring books to decorate the trailer (cut the stickers out and leave them on the backing – that way the oils from the icing won’t leach through the stickers as easily).

We’ve made tractor cakes for the past two years – this cake was definitely the most fun.

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