We made this Homemade Magic Birthday Cake for a 10 year old boy who loves magic and Criss Angel- Mindfreak. We made one large sheet cake then cut two 8×8 squares and two 6×6 squares. We stacked the two 8×8 squares with icing between them and then stacked the two 6×6 squares with icing between them.

We covered the bottom (larger) stack with red fondant (Duff’s brand) and covered the top (smaller) stack with black fondant (Duff’s brand). We cut out circles of white fondant and stamped them with “2” and “5” cookie cutters. We then sprayed them with Duff’s brand of silver edible spray paint. The letters were cut out with cookie cutters and the circled N to emulate Criss Angel’s symbol was drawn and cut out of fondant free-hand.

The cards were cut out of white fondant by tracing around real playing cards. The card shapes were drawn and cut free-hand out of fondant. Icing was used to attach the cards, coins, and letters to the cake. Chocolate icing was piped around the bottom of each tier.