Coolest Poker Table Cake

This idea for a poker table cake came from the 2006 Wilton Yearbook and I also used an idea from this website using brown instead of black.

This cake was made for my brother’s 27th birthday. He loves to play poker and cards so this was a great cake to make for him. I didn’t have a cake pan that was a hexagon so the hardest thing for me was cutting the cake to have even sides. I baked a 8inch square cake and somehow managed to get it to be a hexagon.

I used buttercream icing and tinted some brown and some green with Wilton’s icing colors. I iced the cake green in the middle of course, and the brown on the edges and sides.

I made the cards and the poker chips out of fondant and let them dry so they will harden up. For the cards I used white fondant and rolled it out and cut them in the shape of little cards. I used a red and black edible marker to carefully draw on each card. I did the same for the dealers deck and put a design on the back of several cards so you can see the pattern on several, not just the top one.

For the poker chips I tinted fondant red, blue and yellow and rolled it out. I used the round cut out set for fondant to make my poker chips. I used the smallest circle and it fit just right. I stacked the chips on the cake, put some in the middle and put the cards out. My brother got to eat the winning hand.

I also made this same cake for my grandmother and the second time I learned not to put too much brown icing on the top of the cake around the edges. It gave me less room to put my cards out and made my stacked chips too crowded with the ones in the center. It still turned out great, but it may be helpful for someone else. It was a fun cake to make.

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