Cool DIY 21st Birthday Cake Idea

21st Birthday Cake Idea

I was asked to make a 21st birthday cake for a young man. I was told he loves his bed and computers. First, I covered the cake board in a black and white marble effect and set aside. Then, I baked the cake. I baked three oblong sponge cakes and left to cool before crumb … Read more

Hilarious Homemade Crap Cake


I made this chocolate fudge cake for my father in laws 70th birthday. He had just retired from working in hardware so thought this idea was perfect! He has sold toilets and all things plumbing for over 50 years (Plus he has a great sense of humour)! The cake was a huge hit at his surprise … Read more

Pretty Bed Cake

Pretty Bed Cake

A friend of mine asked me to make a cake for her friend for her daughters birthday she was to become 25 years old. She decided she wanted a bed with two dogs sitting by the girl, so I started by making the two dogs she wanted a black stuffy and a golden labrador. I then made a … Read more

Coolest Man Lounging on a Sofa Cake

Coolest Man Lounging on a Sofa Cake

I made this reading and lounging man sofa cake for a friend. When my friend asked for a cake for her husband who loves to read and relax, this is what I came up with. The sofa was made with a rich chocolate cake covered with melted chocolate wafers. The man (aka my friend’s husband) … Read more

Coolest Sofa Cake

My friend asked me to make a sofa cake for her relative’s birthday. I started by baking a 8″ vanilla sponge cake. When this was cold, I filled it with buttercream. They didn’t want any jam, Then, I sandwiched them together. Next, I cut off a third of the cake and stood the larger part … Read more

Coolest Kitchen Appliances Cake

Coolest Kitchen Appliances Cake

For this kitchen appliances cake, I cut the topper out Styrofoam to the size I needed. Then, I covered it with fondant and decorated it with cabinet decorations, vegetables, and a wok also made from fondant. I made make all that ahead of time and let it dry hard. Once the pieces were all dry, … Read more

Coolest Man Sleeping on Sofa Cake

The man sleeping on sofa cake is made in a 20cm by 20cm square tin. When the cake is ready cut the surface to make an even surface (Remove the middle bump that forms when baking cakes). Half of the cake was used for the seat of the sofa and the rest was used for the … Read more

Coolest Housewarming Cake

Coolest Housewarming Cake

I made this housewarming cake for a great friend’s housewarming party!  I used the Wilton 11×17 sheet pan and followed the baking instructions that came with it.  Since it takes 2 cake mixes, I used 1 white cake mix and 1 chocolate cake mix and made it half and half.  Since I did not have the star … Read more

Coolest Quilt and Bed Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Quilt and Bed Birthday Cake Design

My Mama loves to make homemade quilts. She had a birthday coming up, her 86th birthday. I thought making her a Quilt and Bed Birthday Cake Design would be a fun project for me and a huge surprise for her. The cake is just a yellow sponge cake covered in cream cheese and buttercream frosting … Read more

Coolest Man on Couch Cake

Homemade Man on Couch Cake

This Man on Couch Cake was for my husband’s birthday. It is him sitting on the couch in our living room playing “Mario Kart Wii.” I made two rectangle cakes, one for the base and one for cutting into the various pieces. I cut a couple of rectangles for the couches. I basically formed all … Read more

Coolest Bed with Quilt Cake

Quilter's Birthday Cake

The cake is a bed with a quilt draped over the top of it. My best friend is a quilter and I used her original quilt design as the pattern for the quilt. I used a half sheet cake pan for the bed. I cut a little off the end to use as the pillow … Read more

Coolest Bedroom Cake

Homemade Bedroom Cake

This homemade bedroom cake was made out of yellow cake full sheet made for my 2yr old great niece. The furniture was made with rice krispy treats that I hand molded, and covered in fondant. Her mom (mom which is my niece) loved it and so did the rest of her family, they still talk … Read more