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Coolest Max And Ruby Birthday Cake

My daughter requested a Max and Ruby-themed birthday party this year for her third birthday. I had trouble finding decorations in my area with that theme so I was hoping to make a great cake for her.

This was my first attempt at an image transfer. It turned out to be easier than I thought and the finished product was one I was proud of. I’ll definitely be using this method again for future homemade cakes.

To create the Max and Ruby image, I traced a colouring sheet, printed off the internet, onto a piece of wax paper, taped to a clear glass cutting board, with black icing. I then proceeded to fill in the remainder of the picture, using different coloured icing. I froze the icing picture for an hour and carefully placed it onto the already iced cake. I peeled off the wax paper and voila!

A tip: I suggest you move quickly, once the icing image is removed from the freezer, because it thaws very fast.

My daughter loved the cake!

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  1. This is awesome. I was gonna do it with royal and color flow icings but this is easier. Thanks a lot, very helpful and unique.


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