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Coolest Max &The Wild Things Birthday Cake

I really wanted my son’s first birthday cake to be something unique that would wow! both the children and the adults. The birthday theme was Max & the Wild Things. I made a Snickerdoodle batter (Cake Doctor), separated the batter into 6 different bowls and colored each bowl with a different color to create a rainbow layer cake.

I filled and decorated the cake with cinnamon butter cream frosting. I baked a #1 sugar cookie and built a fondant Max for the top of the cake, and decorated the side of the cake with butter cream ocean waves, a butter cream sailboat, butter cream stars, and a yellow fondant crescent moon.

I had planned on creating a “wild thing” for the top of the cake, using a a couple of mini-cakes for his head and body, but the mini cakes that I baked were a complete disaster – way too moist to be of any use other than eating. And to my dismay, my Max fondant figure seemed to get wider and wider and sink into the cake as the day wore on, but nobody seemed to notice that but me.

Everyone was pretty impressed with the cake, but I could have never predicted the reaction that the children had when my husband cut the cake to reveal the rainbow layers. They were so astonished! And apparently the cake and icing flavor was very appealing. I consider the cake a success in the end, but what a time-consuming project that was – I didn’t sleep the entire night before the party!

Homemade Max &The Wild Things Birthday Cake

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