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Coolest Mickey and Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

This was a birthday cake that I made for a friend of mine, she left the theme entirely up to me but it had to be based on Mickey Mouse.

I made a 12″ square cake and cut an oblong which I covered in butter cream and then fondant icing. I had to make the cloth longer on the one side as I wanted Pluto pulling it somehow to pinch the sausages. I slightly ruffled the edges so it looked like a draped tablecloth.

The back part, where Mickey and Minnie were to sit, I left straighter so that the “chairs” could fit behind the table. I cut two pieces of cake off the remnants from the original 12″ and covered them with butter cream and fondant. These I placed next to each other at the back of the table and left them to harden.

During this time I made the ‘party food’ that was put on top of the homemade Mickey and Minnie Mouse birthday cake… the sky is the limit here but I went with the Disney idea of always having a big ham, sausages, etc. All the food was made from either marzipan or fondant icing.

I have since discovered Sugar Flower paste which dries really hard and is really smooth to paint. However this is quite expensive so I tend to stick with the marzipan, which holds it shape really well, for the molded food, and fondant for the flatter things such as the sandwiches, sausages, and crockery. Fondant icing is better if doing things that are a flat pastel colour but it does tend to be stickier and doesn’t hold the shape as well.

The “food” is all made using coloured paste,which I buy from my local cake shop. You can make almost any colour if you have the basic, red, blue, green and yellow, and black however you will need claret to make purple and I keep paprika in my box as this produces a good clean skin colour.

I moulded the figures from marzipan and used fondant for the white and pink detail. The ears I stuck on with edible glue. The only tools I used are paint brushes size 00, 000, 0000 and I use the ends for smoothing and adding creases etc. I also used a pizza cutter as this cuts icing really cleanly and a pair of cutters that I got with a beading kit as they have very thin blades that don’t leave marks behind.

I started by making the legs from black coloured marzipan (i made a lot of the black and kept it wrapped in tinfoil until I needed it), and bent them over some polystyrene so they looked as though they would be sitting down. A sausage shape of marzipan was attached for the inner body. Then I wrapped black marzipan round this and with my brushes moulded the shape. I then added Mickey’s red shorts and Minnie’s pink dress, the pink dress I made from fondant as it is a better colour.

The faces were made from flesh coloured marzipan which started off as a heart shape. I then moulded the black round this for the top of their heads. The nose was stuck on afterward but then smoothed over so the joins cannot be seen. Then a black nose is fitted and fondant eyes. The pupils can be made from the black marzipan or painted on. The heads were a bit top heavy so I used a bamboo skewer to hold it in place whilst it dried. The skewer was then removed and the hole filled in or covered with a bow.

I did not put the pupils on until I seated them so that I could position them properly. Again I skewered the back until they had settled. I finished off with Pluto pulling the cloth and placing the food so it looked like it was falling. I used edible glue for the food that was at an angle on the table so that nothing slipped and left colouring on the white fondant.

I placed a candle in a round piece of fondant after cutting the point off and wrote a message on another round piece of fondant.

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  1. You’ve done a brilliant job! Almost unbelievable to make. Im a newbee in cake decorating and what you’ve done here is such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing!


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