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Coolest Mickey Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

I was asked to make a homemade Mickey birthday cake and cupcakes for a friend’s daughter’s b-day. I had made a Minnie Mouse cake before so this was a pretty easy cake for me.

I baked a 10-inch round cake and used two 4-inch round pans. I had leftover batter and made 10 cupcakes. I made a double order of homemade buttercream frosting using the Wilton recipe and added about 1/3 cup more shortening which I find helps when using the frosting to actually decorate with.

I kept a small amount of frosting white, then colored a small amount red, and divided the left over for the black and flesh color. For the black frosting I added about 1/2 cup cocoa powder and black coloring gel. The flesh color is a couple drops of pick gel and several drops of brown gel. I used a star tip and covered each cupcake in red stars.

Also using the star tip for Mickey I started with the flesh color and outlined the the flesh area on Mickey’s face. I then filled in the flesh color. Once the flesh was finished I moved on to black. For the ears I used the star tip on half the ear and then put them in place frosting side against the head and then finished the ears.

I used a writing tip with the black frosting to outline the eyes, nose and mouth. Finished the eyes and mouth with white and red frosting. For the Mickey heads on the cupcakes, I melted down the chocolate candy melts in a frosting bag and cut off the corner.

On wax paper I squeezed out the mickey head and using a lollipop stick I smoothed out the face and then put a lollipop on Mickey’s head and covered with a little more chocolate. I made about 12 heads (extra for breakage) and let dry. They came right off the wax paper without difficulty and I placed one in each cupcake. Before the cake was picked up, I used red icing gel and painted it around Mickey’s head.

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