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Coolest Mickey Mouse Cake Ever

This Mickey Mouse cake was for my grandson’s 4th birthday. The bottom tier is a 6” cake and the top tier is a 4” cake. It was a chocolate cake with butter cream frosting. Covered in home made marshmallow fondant. My little guy really liked his cake.

However, looking at the pictures I really wish I would have covered both tiers in yellow fondant. My plan was to make one tier mostly yellow and the other tier mostly red. But by the time I put all the yellow stars on the top tier – it basically looks yellow too. Oh well….

I am definitely still learning. Note to self: If you plan to cover a tier with a large shape consider the color of the shape to be the main color for that tier.

It was the first time I used colored wire. I wasn’t sure where to find it but finally found lots of different colors wire in the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby. I put a straw filled with fondant in the cake first and then inserted the wires. I have read various things about inserting wire directly into the cake. I figured better safe than sorry!

Not my favorite cake but I thought I would share so others could learn from my mistakes. However, I loved the candles!!

Homemade Mickey Mouse Cake Ever

Homemade Mickey Mouse Cake Ever

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