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Coolest Mid Calf Lacrosse Sock Cake

I made this Mid Calf Lacrosse Sock Cake for my little brother’s birthday. He is a lax bro, and as we all know all self-respecting lax bros wear mid-calf socks. So, I decided to make his cake in the shape of a sock.

The cake is a decadent, homemade chocolate cake. It is a large cake, but is only a single layer thick. The white icing is vanilla, dyed vibrant red and blue for the details. After applying a base coat of vanilla in white I added the ribbing detail at the top of the cake with a toothpick to make it more sock-like. To achieve the ribbed look I dragged the toothpick through the icing, creating depressions. It is a little time consuming, but well worth the effort in the end. I then piped on the red and blue details.

He loved the cake, as did the rest of my friends and family.

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  1. my soon to be one year old is obsessed with socks, so I am going to make him a sock cake for his first birthday. The sock ribbing is a great idea.


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