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Coolest Minnie and Mickey Cookie Jar Cake

This Minnie and Mickey Cookie Jar Cake was inspired by a cookie jar that has Mickey and Minnie standing in front of a rose covered gazebo. The cake is devils food cake with vanilla frosting. It’s 5 round layers baked, leveled and stacked. Once cooled and stacked I carved the shape of the cookie jar. I then iced the cake (be prepared there will be crumbs in your first layer because of the carving), then froze the cake.

The next morning I removed from the freezer and gave another all over layer of vanilla frosting so no crumbs would be visible. The flowers are shaped from fondant as well as Mickey and Minnie which I sculpted out of fondant in sections, head, torso, legs, feet, arms and stuck them all together with dabs of frosting then froze them overnight before adhering to the cake itself.

The lattice work was applied first. I then inserted the flowers and then piped the leaves and vines. Mickey and Minnie were applied last as well as a layer of cookies scattered over the top and around the sides to give the open cookie jar effect.

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