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Coolest Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Design

My daughter just loves Minnie Mouse and anything that sparkles and is girly. So a Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Design seemed simple enough to make, with one big round pan and one at least 1/3 smaller for the ears. However, I noticed in a lot of homemade character cakes (especially ones with such defined features), if spacing is off just a little, like the distance between the eyes or from the eyes to the nose, it makes the character look skewed or a little funny.

So I came up with a plan. I printed a picture of Minnie’s face, directly facing forward as big as I could on standard paper from the internet. Believe it or not, finding a good pic took almost as long as making the cake because in most pictures her head is turned. Then I used the squares or graph method like you see in children’s learn how to draw books. After I made the checkerboard guide on my printout, I traced the outline of my large pan onto parchment paper. Then I scaled my checkerboard pattern up until I had the same number of squares on my circle of parchment as I did the printout.

I drew her features onto the parchment in the matching grids and then using a toothpick, punched little guide holes around all the lines on her face and cut it out. After my cake cooled, I frosted it with a layer of peach toned buttercream, placed the parchment stencil on the cake, and using the toothpick again, punched through the guide holes once more to transfer the outlines onto the peach frosted cake. I frosted the two ears using a basic decorating tip and using the picture as my guide positioned them above her face. Then I traced all her features in black and filled in her nose and mouth but left the inside of the eyes empty as well as her tongue. I opted to fill in her eyes with white shimmering flakes, then frosted in the pupils and used two round white sprinkles for the eye highlights.

I also used white flakes for the nose highlight. Then I used red crystal sprinkles for the inside of her tongue. Her bow is pink colored fondant with hot pink food color painted circles and then I dusted it in edible shimmer powder.

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