My friend and I were thinking to make some pocket money during semester break. At last after a few weeks, we decided to open up a small cake business called “Le Petit Cake House”. We started from home so that we did not need to come out with large amount of capital. As we started we decided to make a simple birthday cake from fondant for my friend’s little sister’s birthday and we chose to make a Minnie Mouse cake.

We went shopping. When the time came we had made the cake, all the decoration messed up. My friend’s mom came and asked us to put more decoration at the cake, she bought the butterfly fondant, and put it on the cake all over to cover the cake. Besides, her mom also bought the edible piping colour and asked us to write the sentence ‘happy birthday’ on top of the cake. It was because our first time we used it, we had made the mess on the cake. It was nothing like we had planned at first. Because of that, we had to cover the cake back, and clear the mess, and write the sentence again…but we were glad, at least we made it!